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There’s no denying the fact that bacon is very good, while it’s being fried for breakfast or being put into a side dish for a picnic. Dry cured bacons, which might be a little hard to find and cost a bit more, are packed with a lot more of the bacon taste everyone is always craving while most, if not all, super economy bacons are moist cured and does not have as much flavor.

In a local taste test Silver Creek Specialty Meats hickory smoked dry cured bacon was picked over another top locally made bacon for one mere reason, taste. Everybody who chose Silver Creek bacon easy stated that it had a better taste. There’s absolutely no weight lost during the frying process, so when 1# of bacon is bought 1of bacon is consumed. Another bonus is the bacon comes on slabs, so the customer can decide how thick or thin they need their bacon.

Dry cured bacon comprises a great deal more distinct flavor. This type of flavoring also takes less time to permeate the meat making the meat a fuller slice of pork with a great deal of distinctive flavor. Wet cures or brines, a salt and water mixture, are also used to add desirable flavors to meats. Wet curing meat requires a good deal longer to permeate the meat with flavor since the cut of meat is left to soak in the liquid mix resulting in a cut of meat that’s not precisely the freshest and not a good deal of additional flavor.

This increases the yield of bacon and takes only a brief time to cure, but most often times the bacon lacks a great deal more taste than dry cured meats. Larger bacon companies have adopted this procedure to brine bacon because it not only creates a bigger yield, but also helps increase profits. These bacon companies are sacrificing flavor for profits. Another bonus of dry cured bacon is that there isn’t any weight lost during the frying process. While moist cured bacons lose the moisture that was injected for flavor during the skillet at home.

Historically pork and all meats were salted or cured to preserve meats so people could survive during the long winter months when foods was scarce or on long sea voyages. After technology developed simpler ways to preserve meats, which also provided a wider assortment of flavoring choices, salting or treating meats eventually became just reserved for bacon. Now we have a wide range of bacon flavors to choose from .

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